New Beginnings

The best and worst thing that life brings us is challenges. Some of them are smaller than others but it still is a process to work through. We are allowed to grow as humans while working through the process. As my life was flowing quite well a log came in and held up my river (as my counselor says). This recent log was losing another member of the family. It was a very difficult thing to hear they were gone. As people say, it was like I always thought they would be there. I did not get many opportunities to see them a lot in life but there was a strong connection between us. I never felt I had a close connection with a relative like I did with them. Someone who showed me a love like they did. When I heard they were gone, my heart sunk.

Having connections in life is very important to me whether it is with a person, place, or object. To me, connections mean value, passion, love, respect, a drive to growth. One connection I am working on and will always be working on is with my faith. As a kid, I was stuck in anger with the wondering question of “why is there so much suffering in this world?” I couldn’t believe in a god that allows so much hurt, but I never looked past that. I learned that God allows the lessons that is behind the hurt which was a door I never could see. There is a lesson to everything if you look out for it. My recent lesson was letting myself be open to the answers that the universe was waiting for me to see. Every one has the right to believe what they do. Beliefs connect you with something you value and that should be respected. I hit a really rough patch in life last year and I had no idea where to pick up and start again. I allowed myself to let go and give the power to the one that truly knew where I needed to be. I kept trying to hold on to what I thought was the path I needed to be on but I was so far from reality.

Losing the connections I used to have was difficult but it created space to remember and be able to build again. Without going through those situations, I wouldn’t have been able to grow into the person I am today and grow my faith. I feel relationships are the most valuable thing in life, especially when I know how it feels to lose a loved one. I can definitely know it is difficult to love again after loss, but it is important to be in love with life. The sun continues to shine after every storm and there will always be a path that is meant for you. Every one is given a destiny and we can spend that life time working towards it.

So what do you say, join me and open the doors to new beginnings and create growth. No one has a better power in life but yourself. You know what it feels like to me at your happiest self because we have all are capable of it. It won’t always be given to us and there is a lot in this world that will try to take it. It is up to ourselves to work towards our goals and happiness. Life is exciting and has so many possibilities waiting for you. Anything is capable of happening if you truly believe in it.


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