Get to know more about me!

Hello! My name is Mackenzie and I am grateful you found Pathway to Light! This site is my way to spread awareness to teenagers about mental health. I came upon this idea as I see teenagers struggling with their mental health on a daily basis. As I have also struggled with anxiety and depression, I want to use my experiences with mental health to help other struggling teens.

Being in school wasn’t easy for me as my school mentors didn’t understand the battles that I was struggling with at the time. I wish to bring a wider support system for the student’s of todays generation. I also want this blog to help parent’s have a better understanding of this issue as it is an insight of a teenager who has been through it. Please be aware I am not professionally certified in the mental health field! I am just a teenager who has experience with the issues surrounding mental health. I want to decrease the negative stigma that has been connected with mental health because everyone has their own effects from it. I believe that a difference can be made!