What do you think of when you see the word listening? Yes it could be hearing something, maybe music, news, kids playing outside, or even someone typing on the computer. I think about listening rather as being able to focus on details to something and understanding them. When someone talks to me it is important … Continue reading Listening

Staying Connected

Life has a million things going on all at once. When we make one decision, it effects our whole future. Sometimes we get so consumed in what’s happening in our own life, we often can forget to check in on the ones we love. It is also difficult to reach out when we struggle with … Continue reading Staying Connected

Becoming You

These past few weeks I have oddly have had a lot of assignments due about self-reflection. As much as I thought I knew about myself, I didn’t. There were parts of myself that I forgot about and left in my childhood. These assignments helped me open some barriers I have developed and brought back some … Continue reading Becoming You

New Beginnings

The best and worst thing that life brings us is challenges. Some of them are smaller than others but it still is a process to work through. We are allowed to grow as humans while working through the process. As my life was flowing quite well a log came in and held up my river … Continue reading New Beginnings

Open Up

This week I wanted to focus on the idea of opening up to life and the many possibilities out there. My whole childhood I was in constant fear of everything and anything. I hid behind my mother because I knew I would be protected. Well I am now at an age where I have to … Continue reading Open Up

Growing Self-love

Appreciation for ourselves creates a personal growth towards happiness! If you are in constant dislike with yourself, do you think you’ll be enjoying your day? Of course not! Loving yourself leads to healing whereas hating yourself will keep you feeling down. I always was afraid to introduce myself to other people because I didn’t like … Continue reading Growing Self-love

Importance to Boundaries

How we let others treat ourselves begins with the boundaries we set. These boundaries help communicate our needs, interests, and limits to others. Without these set in relationships, there won’t be any limits to tell when our needs are not being met. Every thing lasts longer and is stronger when it’s build with a good … Continue reading Importance to Boundaries

Healing from Music

Did you know that music is a type of therapy? Listening to your favorite song can lower depression, anxiety, and even your blood pressure! Many facilities and hospitals are using music as part of clients treatments. It helps with their pain management as well as additional support for their mental health. Music helps bring relief … Continue reading Healing from Music

Finding Yourself

Every path in life begins with self-discovery. It is how we can find our potential and purpose. Each decision we make is based off of what we truly need in life. The journey is all about the situations that get us there. Throughout the path, we grow and develop new interests and destinies. It’s up … Continue reading Finding Yourself

The Dimensions of Wellbeing

When we talk about wellness, it does not just mean our physical wellbeing. It involves many factors including physical, emotional, and even our spiritual wellbeing. These factors are spread out in seven categories which contributes to the quality of our lives as well as the things that have an affect on it. The dimensions of … Continue reading The Dimensions of Wellbeing


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